Today’s press conference was jaw-dropping, for many reasons

This was, I think, a game-changer—at least for those who’ve watched it with both eyes open (the press has all but totally ignored it)—and one both good and bad. 

On the one hand, it was amazing (and a tad ironic) to hear Sidney Powell and bigwigs in the GOP calling for hand-counted paper ballots, and an end to private companies’—or, at least, Dominion’s—involvement in US elections, after close scrutiny of their operations. I also found it bracing to hear Giuliani give the lie to nearly all the media people in the room, slamming them for their outrageous claims that there’s “no evidence” of theft in this election.

On the other hand, however, the screams of Giuliani et al. of “foreign interference” by Venezuela, Cuba (!) and China were no less preposterous than the “Russia-gate” delusion, so that this unprecedented stress on the need for fair elections, from one of the “two parties,” is, to put it mildly, offset by that party’s blindness to the fact that our elections have been stolen by domestic players, not by any minions of Maduro; and, relatedly, by the Republicans’ amnesia, or denial, vis-a-vis their own prior theft of two presidential races in this century. Giuliani, Powell, et al. kept warning that if this election theft is allowed to stand, the American people will lose trust in our voting system.

Seriously? This is a first? And Dominion is the only private company that’s helped rig an American election—and they first did it for the Democrats? Team Trump’s warlike xenophobic/anti-socialist/hyper partisan indignation is a huge distraction from the problem here, which is that the US voting system has, for decades, been manipulated by US intelligence, just as in many, many other lands abroad. (One reporter asked about the CIA, in a two-part question that allowed Giuliani not to venture near the subject.) 

It’s basically all theater; and yet there is great value in determining whether Trump did really win, not just because the will of the electorate should be honestly and openly determined, but, more specifically, because it matters less what Americans may well have voted for this time than what, it seems, they voted against, which is the Democrats’ commitment to lockdowns, universal masking, mandatory vaccination, iron censorship, “sensitivity training,” “defund the police,” and other globalist objectives that no rational people could desire. Although I don’t think Trump will ultimately prove to be a bulwark against that dystopia, it would be more than good to know that the majority don’t want it; so let’s investigate the evidence that they brought up today, instead of lying that there isn’t any (just as the Republicans did 16 and 20 years ago). 

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