Liberate New York! Anti-lockdown protest this Sunday.

From a friend: 

Hello Fellow Freedom Fighters,

Here is the flyer for this Sunday, Nov. 22 from 12-4pm in NYC. Please post it on social media and send it to anyone you know who might want to attend.  Here is the event breakdown and details:

12pm:  Rally at 14th St Union Sq with speakers, performances, outreach, etc.  
1:30pm:  March down University Place to Washington Sq park.
2:30-4pm:  Rally in Washington Sq park w/ speakers, performances, outreach, and working groups.


Bring Signs!  Anti-Lockdown, No New Normal, No Mask Mandates, No Vax Mandates, Freedom, Liberty, anything you can think of!

Bring Friends!  We need numbers!  

Perform a Talent!  We need to draw attention to our message, and what better way than with PERFORMANCES!  If you can play an instrument, juggle, do magic, twirl a baton, sing, dance, write sketches, if you have stilts, puppets, WHATEVER unique talent you have, come and perform it in NYC!  Perform during the rally, perform while we march, let’s grab the public’s attention, and remind everyone of our freedom and humanity!  

And feel free to bring other attention getting stuff, like pinwheels, streamers, bubbles, etc.

If you want to speak or know someone who would be a great speaker (like a doctor, lawyer, public figure, or ANYONE who has a strong message) please let us know. 

Please save the date!  We will send updated details later in the week. Hope to see everyone there!

Liberate New York Team

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Please let me know if there are any rallies planned for the Albany, NY area. I live upstate and want to participate in any rallies that protect our civil rights currently being taken away by our dictatorial Governor with his Excelsior Pass and mandates that certain venues require people to have proof of Vax or a negative PCR test or they’re not welcome and can’t enter. Sounds familiar from high school learning about Nazi Germany when Jews had to wear badges and armbands.

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