That huge anomaly in the numbers out of Antrim County, Michigan MUST be investigated (along with so much else)

As NFU subscribers are aware, I take a dim view of Dr. Shiva, who seems to me to be a troublemaker, if not a troll, as he’s exerted a divisive influence on the vaccine safety movement, and his attacks on RFK, Jr. are indefensible.

That said, I’m persuaded that his take on the anomalous numbers out of Antrim County, Michigan, is worth considering by all those who care more about election integrity than about getting Donald Trump out of the White House. If he really is the choice of the American electorate, he should remain in office; and so if there are grounds to think he is that choice, and that Biden’s victory was as authentic as Bush/Cheney’s, they ought to be investigated. Period.  

Here, below, is the link to Shiva’s presentation.

From David Diamond:

Thanks to the charms of remote learning I’ve just had to coach my daughter through linear equations.  So here it is: y=mx+b where y equals the number of Biden votes gained, is the rate at which their transferred, is either the raw votes or the number of actual Biden votes and is the point at which the algorithm kicks in.  The Michigan data conforms to this equation.  Using Antrim county, which is the only place where we have actual and reported results and using the point in the data where the line turns negatively sloped—a pattern identical in every precinct—one could derive an actual value for and b.  The probability of this occurring naturally are mise-en-abyme mind-boggling.  You can thank millennial incompetence for the algorithm being so transparent.

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