John Kerry says Great Reset is needed to stop the rise of populism (and other signals of the tyranny intended not by Trump but “the Resistance”)

From Colleen McGuire:

At Davos Kerry Says ‘Great Reset’ Is Needed To Stop Rise Of Populism
Biden has named him as Climate Chief.  LOL  

The reason it’s so funny is because the liberals and lefties were all terrified of Trump bringing in fascism. And all along these high falutin’ activists were riding the horse on which the smiley-face fascism is coming in on.  

And they were so terrified of Trump, they actually got half of America demanding to stop challenges to election fraud.  Imagine that.   Yeah, who cares about election fraud, so long as it’s our fraud.  Tribal Whores. 

If you didn’t read it before, I’ll post it again from Nyota Uhuru of Ferguson, MO.  I feel I should keep re-posting it until it is household common sense in America:  

Allegations have been made and if Joe Biden is to ever take the oath of office he will have to offer a counter explanation for his lucky streak, irregularities and anomalies. Lemme try to explain another way, imagine Joe Biden buying a lotto ticket in 5 diff states and then waking up to find out he hit the jackpot in each one… do you think lotto officials would be cheering his win or investigating him for cheating despite the machines? They would look at him and any relationships he may have with lotto officials… they would also look at the machines and to see if he had any relationships with the machine manufacturers. Why? Because of this lil thingy called statistical odds. And they would not pay out until/unless they were convinced otherwise.

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