Twitter takes down Dr. Atlas’ tweet that masks don’t work, and “our free press” applauds

Note the authoritarian basis of this Oceanic parrotry, which is devoid of scientific information. “Masks do work, because… the CDC (now) says so!”—and there are those “grim new spikes in cases” [sic] in “ten states,” so masks must work, just as Drs. Fauci/Redfield (now) assert. (“Last month,” NBC News [sic] tells us in its solemn coverage of this outrage, “Trump’s CDC director was overheard saying that everything that adviser, Dr. Scott Atlas, says ‘is false.'”)

And as they double down on that Big Lie, the fearful millions gulping it believe it all the more, masking that much more religiously, despite the overwhelming evidence that Dr. Atlas is quite right—and that those masks are only making their tense wearers more susceptible to illness of all kinds, including COVID-19. 

This is where we are, in vastly graver danger from this endless propaganda blitz than from those “new spikes” of “cases” that aren’t cases, in this global “emergency” caused not by “the coronavirus,” but by the mighty interests skillfully exploiting it to do us in—a crime against humanity, in which “our free press” is complicit, just as Dr. Goebbels’ press enabled the Third Reich, and its accomplishments. 

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