Twitter alters policy after backlash over blackout on NY Post’s Biden emails story

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Like a prosecutor laying out the case, Giuliani leads off the video with this: “In future days, you will see texts, emails, and photos that demonstrate crimes committed by the Biden crime family — in China (probably most of all), Russia, and several other countries.”

The use of “the Biden crime family” is no mere hyperbole. Before Rudy Giuliani was “America’s Mayor,” he was one of America’s top prosecutors, which included bringing down mafia crime families. And he has evidence — from Hunter — that implicates not only Hunter and Joe Biden, but also James (Joe’s brother) and Sara (James’s wife). One set of payments from China went to a triad of Bidens: James, Hunter, and Sara. Don’t worry, Giuliani says — you’re going to see it in the texts, not making it up.

The fact he was one of America’s top prosecutors makes the ending of the video even more damning: “I’ve been in this business a long time. This is the biggest cover-up I have ever seen. And it is the biggest government scandal, I’ve ever heard of.”
Apparently, in one of the emails, there is a breakdown who gets the money and one part reads H holds 10 percent for the “big guy” and it has since been confirmed by one of the individuals in the email chain that “the big guy” was Joe Biden.

According to Giuliani, the computer shop guy who ended up with Hunter’s laptop told the FBI that he was afraid for his life because the Bidens were very powerful people and the FBI responded with “then keep your mouth shut” (!!!!) How about that…What does that tell you about the FBI?

IMO-the US govt is a massive organize crime organization masquerading as a govt.

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