MCM in conversation with RFK, Jr.

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Thank you for your fearless commitment to critical thought. This interview was a delightful review of how we got to where we are, and what we risk forfeiting if we simply comply without democracy. I remove my consent to the blood occult and fully claim my sovereignty. I will fight to the death alongside you.

Great interview!!

And here’s more from RFK Jr.’s instagram (he’s censored everywhere, so this is where he gets his truth out):

Bill Gates wants to chip us and not only for vaccines- for surveillance and transhumanism using 5G:

Gates pushing Moderna vaccine, which will alter DNA and turn us into GMOs:

On Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plans for injectable chip to store vaccine records to be read by smart phone technology:

He’s studied the patents and knows the plot. Here’s what he said the end of Part 2 of The Truth About Vaccines, which has been deleted:

“Every part of our lives will be subject to control. This virus is about training us for submission, training us to do what we’re told. To not go to the beach unless we’re told, to not kiss our girlfriend without their permission. They’re turning us into production units and consuming entities. They are going to rob us not only of our democracy and our liberties, but our souls. They are going to inject us with the medicines they want and they’re going to charge us for the diseases they give us. They are going to control every part of our lives. What we are doing at Children’s Health Defense is using the last instruments of democracy we have left – the Courts – to fight them.” …”We are in the last battle. We are in the apocalypse. We are fighting for the salvation of humanity. We all knew this was coming, though I never believed it would come in my lifetime. But here it is.”

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