NYTimes floats UN intervention, to take out Trump, and enforce “social justice”

Here’s America’s newspaper of record, using Peter Beinart, formerly at the New Republic, to call for the UN to step in, should Trump contest the outcome of the election (as Biden too should do, if there’s compelling evidence that he was illegitimately robbed of victory). 

Note Beinart’s invocation of Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. DuBois, Paul Robeson and—stunningly—Malcolm X as having set precedents for what this op ed is proposing; I say “stunningly,” because Malcolm’s bold effort to put US civil rights on the UN agenda,making common cause with newly-independent states in Africa, was more the likely the main reason why he was assassinated, as Karl Evanzz and Zak Kondo have established in their excellent books on Malcolm’s murder. Yet now the prospect of a UN takeover for the cause of racial equity in the United States is not taboo at all, but favored by elite opinion.

This is not your grandfather’s UN—and this proposal isn’t meant to save us from an existential danger to US democracy, but is itself a threat to US sovereignty; nor is this about enforcing racial justice (since when have the elites cared about that?), but about bringing the entire US under globalist hegemony, with speech codes and mandatory shots for all.

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