How pro-maskers “argue”: Dr. Jim Meehan’s office window shattered

Dr. Meehan is one of several doctors suing Tulsa over its mask mandate, on the basis of the growing medical and scientific evidence that masks are making people sick (as noted in the Global Research piece that I sent out last night). 

Here’s a photo of the damage this morning:

From Cathy Meehan:

Ever wonder if your voice makes a difference? Have faith when the enemy appears. He appears out of his own frustration that we are making a positive impact. With hate emails, including death threats, it’s never a dull moment in our life. I wouldn’t have it any other way, Jim Meehan MD!

We arrived at the office this morning, with this greeting. We had a few meetings last night, so I wonder if this was just a coincidence? We’ll take it as a sign from above that science is #winning.

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