Black man sucker-punched, assailed with racist epithets, by (white) BLM/Antifa goon squad (or so they seemed to be)

You probably remember that appalling moment, at Trump rally in March of 2016, when one of Trump’s devotees sucker-punched a black protester as he was being escorted from the venue by security, the candidate jeering him as he walked out.

You probably remember it because it got a ton of coverage, this being just one example:

And now another black man has been sucker-punched (some teeth knocked out, reportedly) by another white man—only this time the black man was a Trump supporter, and the white man punching him a masked Antifa goon, in a (white) mob of BLM/Antifa goons, who wanted more, and called him “nigga” as he rushed away.

The target, Philip Anderson, was leaving a free speech rally (which, reportedly, he’d organized), with a white buddy.

My quick search just now found no coverage by the liberal or “progressive” media, except for a Washington Examiner piece carried by MSN, headlining the attack as having been perpetrated by “an alleged Antifa member” (emphasis added). 

While there’s certainly no shortage of bloodthirsty actors on “the left,” I would not rule out the possibility that the attacker here, and/or others in that mob, were not organic protesters but assets on the job. The name of this imperial game is mass division.

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