A “good German” in a Colorado supermarket

What they’ve done is faux-empower a lot of stunted little people to police the rest of us.

Banal though it now seems to say so, this is exactly how it worked in Germany and the USSR. 

From Rebecca S.:

I was in a supermarket in Avon, Colorado with a companion who is a senior citizen and had been recovering from a serious back injury. (We both had masks on, btw.) My companion has pain when walking around sometimes. So we had to get in and out of the market quickly.

This supermarket had the one-way “arrows.” While shopping, we walked in the “wrong direction” a short way down an aisle to get a product. A young man rushed up to us from another aisle. He came up 1-2 feet away– not social distancing at all. Then he began accosting us for “going the wrong way in the aisle.” He all but ordered us to turn around and retrace our steps. I was surprised that someone would march up and speak to us this way. He was not an employee of the supermarket.

He stood waiting for us to retrace our steps. Neither of us did. I politely said “thanks for letting us know” and we turned back to our shopping. Then he intentionally continued to stand in my way to make us uncomfortable. This went on for long enough to be bizarre. 

My companion was in pain. Regardless of your view on masks and arrows in supermarkets, this man’s behavior was very inappropriate. Especially toward a senior citizen with an injury.

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