Will that “second wave” be an outbreak of brucellosis?

Over Labor Day weekend, I heard two different, unconnected researchers float the idea about a possible brucellosis outbreak. If the plan goes through, brucella bacteria will be released to infect humans and cause food poisoning which would mimic COVID symptoms, if the germ was lab-modified into a bioweapon. One of the researchers, Joe Imbriano, runs several websites including His analysis has been spot-on regarding the dangerous biological effects of 5G. When I heard another podcaster warn America about a brucellosis attack, my interest peaked.

When I started to dig through peer-reviewed studies in PubMed, I was astonished. The first ten articles on brucellosis came from China. It appears brucella food contamination has run amok in the mainland since the time of Mao. Other articles about brucellosis point out that the CDC uses PCR testing to test for brucella bacteria in blood serum samples. Militaries have designed and tested brucella to be used as a bioweapon and for bioterrorism attacks. In a 2006 Greek study, “Brucella as a Biological Weapon,” they discovered several excellent traits.

– “Vague clinical characteristics defy rapid clinical diagnosis”
– Low viral load, 10-100 microorganisms to infect scores of people
– Easily weaponized into an aerosol

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