Updates on (the truth about) those vaccine trials; weakness of that “second wave” in Europe; HCQ+ successful against COVID-19 in Mumbai’s biggest slum (and more)

From Ellen Brown:

Here’s a very informative bunch of articles from Peter Myers, attached, including reports on the hazards of the three vaccine frontrunners, and the success of HCQ in a giant Mumbai slum. 

(0) Lockdowns vs. opening the economy
(1) Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin
(2) All six monkeys injected with AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine became infected with COVID-19
(3) Moderna’s mRNA1273, and Pfizer’s BNT162b1 and b2 vaccines, contain Polyethylene Glycol
(4) “The same tech companies profiting from the quarantine are censoring criticisms of It,” by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
(5) Sweden coronavirus cases and deaths slow to a trickle
(6) India’s biggest and densest slum, Dharavi in Mumbai, contained COVID-19 with HCQ/vitamin D/Zinc
(7) COVID-19 second wave hits Europe, but they return to work and travel; hospitals no longer overwhelmed
(8) Hospitalizations and death rates are nowhere near the level they were the first time

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