A portent of the current crackdown: HuffPost censored a defense of RFK, Jr. (as NOT “anti-vaccine”) three years ago

Here’s a piece I sent out three years ago, about HuffPost’s censorship of Pete Tucker’s defense of RFK, Jr. against the charge that he’s “anti vaccine.” The piece went up on HuffPost, then came right down again.

The censorship we’re fighting now has been ongoing for years, but now has reached the crisis-point, as the Big Pharma/Gates/CDC/WHO attack on those who tell the truth has burst into explicit cyber-war, entailing Oceanic censorship and rabid slander.

Both those tactics prove that that cabal, and its innumerable foot soldiers, have no arguments or evidence to prove their “case.” Anyone who comes at you with smears and ridicule has thereby proved that s/he’s an agent, who doesn’t know what s/he’s talking about, and is relying on a script.

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