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A friend recently suggested that I monetize this service by putting News from Underground behind a paywall, for a minimal subscription fee. I considered it, and discussed it with Jimmy Han, my assistant; and we agreed that NFU should stay accessible, and shareable, by anyone, for free—especially now, with the economy in ruins, so that some of us can’t spare a dime; and the intensifying censorship online, and off-, makes it more urgent than it’s ever been (in US and world history) that as many folks as possible have ready access to real news, and dissident opinion and analysis. 

So we’ll keep on going as usual; but we can always use whatever help you can afford. I thank those who’ve already given, and those donating monthly, from the bottom of my heart; and I am hoping more will see their way to helping out. (I’m still dealing with considerable medical expenses, and an unpaid bill for the assistance of a law firm that advised me when my “conduct”had “come under scrutiny” at NYU for wrong think online.) 

You can either make a one-time donation, or arrange to make an automatic monthly payment, at Anyone who’d rather not use PayPal can contact me directly, for my terrestrial address, to send a check, or a roll of quarters, or whatever.

And if you can’t afford to help out in that way, please spread the word about NFU, and urge others to sign up, as we need to reach as many others as we can—for (to paraphrase Shelley), “we are many, They are few”; yet, as many as we are, and as many as we’ll be, we can’t fight back effectively unless we know what’s really going on. 

Many thanks for whatever you can do.

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