Gothamist, and its authoritarian ditto-heads, need answering

I haven’t read that piece, but Bobby Roland, a subscriber to this list, tells me this:

I read through the comments on this site:

How discouraging. No more than a hint of support for you. [Julia Jackson’s] complaint holds as much validity and importance as any one of the comments. She is no more, no less then just another misinformed voice on a comment listing. And then she gets all this press because she took the step to contact the administration.

Since the PTB are waging information war, and not just on myself, I urge you to push back against the authoritarian consensus there, with comments like those popping up on City & State’s hit-piece. (Those are really great, and I thank all who have posted them.) I’m certainly not asking for attacks of any kind on Julia Jackson—she’s “only a pawn in the game,” as the Poet sang—but statements on the urgency of questioning the Official Narrative, concerning masks and every other aspect of the COVID-19 drive to kill the world. 

This is the fight of our lives, which we will lose if we don’t wage it, in every way we can. 

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