Thousands of Germans protest COVID totalitarianism

How many thousands? I’ve read that 800,000 were officially estimated to have marched, while organizers claimed a turnout as high as 1.3 million. This Reuters piece claims that 17,000 marched; and—crucially—that the far-right presence was “small.” (Look for this protest to be dismissed by “our free press” as a neo-Nazi gathering, like anti-lockdown protests in the US.)

In any case, this is an encouraging development, in a land whose history has taught them to beware blind obedience to the government out of fear and anger.

Celia Farber has sent out this link:

From Alon:

Here you go..

Neo-Nazis, others hold massive Berlin protest against virus restrictions. Some 20,000 people rally outside Brandenburg gate, calling pandemic ‘the biggest conspiracy theory’; politician dubs protesters, who shun masks and social distancing, ‘Covidiots’

Article link:

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