Dr. Simone Gold was “summarily fired” for speaking out re: her successful use of HCQ to treat COVID-19

How is this okay? Were she and all those other doctors lying? If not, what could possibly justify such punishment, all the censorship (YouTube took down the video of the doctors’ press conference at SCOTUS), the relentless smear campaign against Dr. Immanuel, and—above all—the jeering press consensus that those doctors perpetrated a “hoax” by speaking out about their use of HCQ?

A journalist friend tells me that she sent the video to some NY Times reporters, who replied that those doctors are “quacks.” (They know that how?) That’s to be expected from an outlet heavily dependent on Big Pharma’s advertising revenues, which have long kept the Gray Lady in denial on many dangers to the public health, just as the cigarette industry once did with ITS largesse, and, before then, the cottage industry in patent medicines.

But what is the excuse of all those liberals and “progressives” who’ve piled on? Do they hate Trump so much that they can’t handle any evidence that he’s been right about this issue? If that’s the reason, then they’re as bad as they keep screaming he is re: COVID-19, since this vast blackout on HCQ, not only as a remedy, but as an effective prophylactic in small doses, is killing people in those states that are reportedly now seeing an uptick in serious cases.

In asserting that HCQ doesn’t work, and that it kills, though HCQ DOES work, and DOESN’T kill, Big Pharma and the Gates/Fauci syndicate have, through “our free press,” turned the USA into George Orwell’s Oceania, where “WAR IS PEACE” and “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.”

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