News from Underground has been de-Googled!


This is the first email you’ll be receiving via Simplelists, to which we’ve now moved NFU from Googlegroups. We (that is, my assistant, Jimmy Han, and I) decided it’s high time to make this change because of Google’s seeming interference with NFU.

For one thing, as you know (since I shared it with you some weeks ago), Googlegroups was unsubscribing list members who didn’t want to unsubscribe. I also found that, as I kept adding new members to the list, at their request, the total number of NFU members kept DROPPING.

In light of Google’s many other, more egregious strokes of censorship affecting everyone, especially since the COVID-19 crisis started moving us toward martial law and universal mandatory vaccination, I decided that, to quote the Animals, “we gotta get outta this place.”

This SHOULD go off without a hitch. Meanwhile, please tell anyone who’s interested in joining to do so on the NFU website, at; and, of course, one can always use that site to donate to the cause.


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