Hunger due to COVID-19 lockdowns killing 10,000 children a month, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins

Yet no one seems to care, even though substantial numbers of BLACK lives must be among those prematurely ended.

These are great times for the eugenicists.

Article link:


More on the global famine caused by the corona-panic.

From Joe Surkiewicz, on the 10,000 children now dying of hunger every month:


This doesn’t get into the millions of untouchables in India forced out of cities to walk back to their villages (and get beaten, robbed and killed along the way, and then starve if they made it home). As reported by Arundhati Roy. But who gives a rat’s ass about Indians?

I Googled—excuse me, DuckDuckGo’d–“Lancet report children COVID,” and found no MSM reports. Ditto on Google News. But who gives a rat’s ass about poor children?


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