There’s something very wrong with Dr. Tony “Flip-Flop” Fauci (and the ditto-heads who stick with him, because he isn’t Trump)

In March, Fauci said–correctly–that face masks offer no protection against the coronavirus. The virions are way too small for the pores in cloth and paper masks to keep them out, and the N95 can never fit your face hermetically enough to keep the virus out.

Then Fauci abruptly changed his tune, and has been singing those same wrong notes ever since, even though his current stand is groundless—and dangerous. He even wears a CLOTH mask (the MOST unhealthy kind) when on camera.

He pulled the same volte-face on the COVID-19 mortality rate, first arguing—correctly—that it would be comparable to the annual mortality rate of influenza; and then he turned around and said the opposite, and has been saying THAT ever since, even as the COVID-19 death rate has steadily declined.

So what’s up with Dr. Fauci—and with all the lemmings who’ve consistently agreed with him, no matter what he’s said? Is whatever he says right, just because he seems to be at odds with Trump? Something’s clearly very wrong with him, and them.

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