NBC News spent weeks on a virologist’s struggle with COVID-19—but he never had it

More propaganda fiction from the “respected” news outlet that, in April of 2019, ran the tale that “spoiled brat” Julian Assange had smeared the walls of his Ecuadorian asylum with his own “fecal matter” (a lie that was inaudibly refuted by embassy staffers); has repeatedly, and mawkishly, pumped out White Helmet lies as gospel truth; pushed “Russia-gate” as fervently, and groundlessly, as Rachel Maddow did (and still does),while casting skeptics as the dupes of foreign “Twitter bots”; has run numerous false stories on the ineffectiveness and dangers of hydroxychloroquine; and, lately, has been doubling down on the fantasy that Russia paid “bounties” to the Taliban to kill US troops in Afghanistan.

Such is the crapola churned out endlessly by NBC “News”—and the sort of “journalism”that has magnified the COVID-19 threat beyond all reason, and with such dire consequences that NBC News, NBC/Universal and the latter’s owner, Comcast, should all be tried for crimes against humanity.

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