Morgues in Phoenix hospitals are NOT packed tight with corpses, despite what Mayor Gallego said on MSNBC

Propagandists love this sort of grisly fabrication. You may remember when “Nayirah,” backin 1990, tearily “testified” in Congress, about those poor Kuwaiti babies dumped out of their incubators by Saddam Hussein’s barbaric troops, and “left to die on the cold floor.” And then, some three years ago, there was the one about the crematorium in Syria, used by the devilish Assad “to hide mass murders at a prison where thousands are believed to have been summarily executed in the nation’s civil war,” as Gardiner Harris, Anne Barnard and Rick Gladstone (and their case officer) put it in the New York Times.

This is a very old tactic, first used by the British during World War I, when they made up a “corpse factory” that Germany was using to provide itself with glycerine, by boiling down the bodies of its own slain troops (a stroke of propaganda slyly—and successfully—concocted to get China on the Allies’ side). The BBC aptly (though inaccurately) called that fabrication “the birth of fake news.”

Those were all bullshit stories, just like this one, cooked up to so enrage us, and/or scare us, that we can’t start to think about what’s really going on.

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