Dr. Simone Gold—one of the 20 doctors who demonstrated for HCQ—on the firestorm against that drug

Note that all her testimony, and that of the 19 other doctors who spoke out with her that day, has been obliterated by the jaw-dropping smear campaign against Dr. Immanuel.

And, yes, that’s Glenn Beck interviewing her. Good for him.

"I'm Watching Free Speech Die" | ER Doctor Speaks Out Agains Social Media Silencing

This past week has been "stunning" to Dr. Simone Gold after Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites took down videos of her organization, America's Frontline Doctors, supporting hydroxychloroquine. She believes "we're in the death throws of free speech" as she, doctors, and even patients, are being censored. And she's not afraid to speak out.

Posted by Glenn Beck on Thursday, July 30, 2020

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