Defund the New York Times

From Bruce Joshua Miller (my brother):

I am canceling my New York Times subscription today. This influential newspaper is doing a lot of damage by pouring gasoline on the fire of panic sweeping the nation.

Today’s print edition has a story about a small study at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago showing high viral loads in children. The writers connect the findings to the question of whether schools should open for classes. If you read the story carefully, it has various qualifications and caveats thus lending a false patina of objectivity to its tone. But, the story fails to mention the joint Finnish/Swedish report on schools or the German report on schools:

So, it’s essentially another “be afraid” piece. I’m not sure why they want the country to shut down. I guess they figure if everything is virtual, they can make more money as everyone will be at home on screens? Perhaps their business deal with Verizon is much more important than having functioning schools and a healthy retail sector and middle class?

The New York Times is also promoting 5G and mocking anyone who pays attention to the 250 scientists worldwide who have expressed concern about 5G’s affect on human and animal health.

Anyway, I can’t stomach this newspaper any longer. I feel bad because I will miss some stories I should know about, but I can’t in good conscience support their dubious project.


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