Dr. Paul Alexander on what Fauci and “our free press” did to him, for sending an INTERNAL email noting that “the science” justified allowing children to return to school

They did the same to Dr. Scott Atlas, who also briefly served as an advisor to Trump/Pence, and whose book A Plague Upon Our House tells his story of systematic defamation by the media, for the crime of disagreeing with Fauci/Birx. 

By thus colluding with state bureaucrats like Fauci and Collins, to smear and silence those with differing views, “our free press” served as an institutional accomplice to the government’s suppression of free speech.  

I urge everyone to please distribute this widely. Ex-Trump covid advisor Dr. Paul Alexander is Exhibit A for proof of Fauci/CDC/NIH/Big Pharma malfeasance. In this spellbinding interview, Dr. Alexander talks about how when he tried to provide Fauci et al solid science for not locking down schools and not masking children, he was viciously attacked, told his “balls” would be “cut off” and then smeared in the media. He also says W.H.O. lied about no “human to human” transmission of the corona virus early on and that Operation Warp Speed “snookered” Americans into paying billions upfront for useless and harmful vaccines.

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