Union Pacific won’t ship any more fertilizer (Why?)

A friend writes:

Planned mass starvation. Half of the country living in houses with yards are growing their own food and raising chickens and goats.

Since the goal is starvation, the globalists found a way to stop the growing craze. Ban all fertilizer. Blow up fertilizer plants as well as food distribution centers. Only farmers with livestock and an ample supply of manure can survive this.  

“Union Pacific restricts fertilizer shipments, will not accept new orders”

Dennis Rudat, Farm News Media

“Patrick Henningsen Show: ‘Food Shortages and The Great Reset’”


During this recent episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio, researcher Miles of Truth talks with Patrick about the important issue of food shortages and food security, how this relates to the globalist Great Reset agenda, the curious recent re-instruction of H5N1 bird flu onto the commercial poultry scene, as well as the recent spate of incidents at food producing plants in the US, and much more.

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