“This is not the END of civilization,” but only “the next cycle”—and more (much more) from Samizdat


Interessante artikelen week #14


“There is so much propaganda that democracy no longer works” | Interview Dr. Piers Robinson (youtube)

“Er is zoveel propaganda, dat de democratie niet meer werkt” (deanderekrant)

Schaduwoverheid neemt de macht over in Nederland (deanderekrant)

McKinseyGate: wie heeft echt de macht in Frankrijk? (deanderekrant)


The Best Female Swimmer in the World! (youtube)


Politie gebruikte meer geweld in 2021, wijt toename aan vele demonstraties (

Geweldcijfers 2021: meer incidenten waar politie geweld moest gebruiken (politie)

Nils Melzer over politiegeweld | De Andere Krant international interviews (youtube)


Wob-documenten: Rijk en techbedrijven werken op grote schaal samen aan mind-control (danielvdtuin.substack)

“Onderzoek in wob-documenten laat zien hoe het Rijk zich sinds de epidemie heeft georganiseerd bij het tegengaan van onwelgevallige meningen, onder supervisie van de Europese Unie en NAVO”.


22 maart WHO releases 10-year strategy for genomic surveillance of pathogens (who)

Overheid blijft rioolwatersurveillance gebruiken voor monitoring coronavirus (security)


Pfizer Hired 600+ People to Process Vaccine Injury Reports, Documents Reveal


“Pfizer hired about 600 additional full-time employees to process adverse event reports during the three months following authorization of its COVID-19 vaccine, with plans to hire 1,800 more by June 2021, newly released documents reveal”.

Doctors for Covid Ethics: The Gene-based “Vaccines” Are Killing People. Governments Worldwide Are Lying to You the People, to the Populations They Purportedly Serve


“TOTAL for EU/UK/USA – 65,629 Covid-19 injection related deaths and 10,439,642 injuries reported as at 24 February 2022”.

“These 10 top insurance companies suffered excess mortality/disability losses totaling ~$3B in their US divisions in the 2nd half of ’21 alone, directly or indirectly related to C-19; despite weaker variants and miracle vaccines. Q1 earnings season for insurers starts in 2 weeks”(Dowd, twitter)

Vijftien proftennissers vallen uit tijdens Miami Open (blckbx)


Cock-up or Conspiracy? Understanding COVID-19 as a ‘Structural Deep Event’ (pandata)

The Covid Lies (Mike Yeadon, doctors4covidethics)

McKinseyGate: France’s Shadow Government and the Rise of the Corporate State (21stcenturywire)

Hope for Humanity (armstrongeconomics)

“QUESTION: Is there any hope for the future? Between war, digital currency, authoritarianism, and financial collapse, it doesn’t seem like there is much hope for our children. Please let us know what Socrates says, is everyone doomed? Is there anywhere our children can go to escape this madness?

ANSWER Yes! I know this can sound depressing, but this grand scheme to alter the world will fail. What lies ahead is not all dark and gloom. The clouds will part and the sun will shine. This is not the END of civilization; it is the next cycle of civilization. It will be up to us to reshape society


BlackRock CEO demands accelerated introduction of Digital Currency (principia-scientific)

How Ukraine Government Is Converting Digital ID System Into Wartime Tool (childrenshealthdefense)

“Ukraine’s Diia digital app already was one of the most expansive government-run digital ID systems in the world, but since the Feb. 24 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the app has been expanded for use as a digital wartime tool”.

Central Bank Digital Currency Tracker (atlanticcouncil)

Report: ‘Cashless Society’ Would Leave Millions Struggling (technocracy)

TECHNOCRACY / Surveillance

The EU Commission intends to force all providers of chat, messaging, and e-mail services to deploy mass surveillance technology (rairfoundation)

The Kids Online Safety Act is a Heavy-Handed Plan to Force Platforms to Spy on Children (humansbefree)

Mark Zuckerberg Says Meta Employees “Lovingly” Refer to Him as “The Eye of Sauron” (consequence)


Waarschuwing: er is al een giga voedselcrisis gaande – grote klappen in aantocht (nieuwrechts)


Ukraine on Fire! Kijk en vorm je mening over het conflict … (blckbx)

Pentagon Wants Permanent Military Bases In Eastern Europe To Deter Russia (zerohedge)

NATO expansionism in Europe (voltairenet)

Cognitive war – Rising tensions. The war propaganda changes its shape

(Meyssan, voltairenet)

“If the Russian army has won the war against the Banderites in Ukraine, Nato has won the cognitive war against its own citizens in the West. The Atlantic Alliance has developed a new form of propaganda based on what it denounced a short time ago: Fake News, that is to say not false information, but biased information. How to protect yourself from it?”


Chemical Cocktails – The neglected threat of toxic mixtures and how to fix it (chemtrust)

“We, our children, wildlife and the wider environment are constantly exposed to a complex cocktail of known and suspected harmful chemicals through air, water, food, consumer products and other routes”.


(NL) Samizdat: clandestien geschreven informatie die in de Sovjet tijd verspreid werd in netwerken van dissidenten.

“Samizdat: ik schrijf zelf, ik redigeer zelf, ik censureer zelf, ik geef zelf uit, ik verspreid zelf”

(EN) Samizdat was clandestine and censored information information in the Soviet era that was created by dissidents and spread in underground networks.

“Samizdat: I write, I research, I redact, I spread, I publish”


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