RFK, Jr. talks to Megyn Kelly about Fauci, “vaccines,” Big Pharma and (in Part 2) the assassinations (and more)

From Jonathan Mark:

Flyby News 04 March, 2022 Jonathan Mark
This newsletter is to let you know that FN has been updated to include Part 2 of the surprising Megyn Kelly interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the pandemic, covering life as a Kennedy, marriage, assassinations, and more. Worth watching that goes beyond politics toward a more harmonious humanity.


02 April, 2022 – FN – Megyn Kelly – Dr. Mercola
RFK Jr. Discusses Fauci, Vaccines
and Big Pharma’s Power

22 March, 2022 – YouTube 1:45:11 – Megyn Kelly
The JFK Assassination – His Marriage Robert F. Kennedy Jr Interview, Part 2

JFK Assassination 1963 Coup D’etat

Devolution of Pandemics

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