NYU Shanghai staff are “trapped” in Xi’s nightmarish COVID lockdown

These are my colleagues. We here in New York have not heard anything about how they’re all doing (even though “we’re all in this together”).

“NYU Shanghai staff ‘trapped’ amid harsh COVID lockdown”

April 16, 2022

Dozens of staff and vendors at NYU’s Shanghai campus have been “trapped” on campus for weeks, an administrator said.

“We have about 20 employees and 20 vendors who have been trapped on campus or in the dorm for weeks now unable to go home,” said Vice Chancellor Jeffrey Lehman in an April 11 Zoom call to faculty obtained by The Post. “One of those employees is our driver. We have only one driver who is authorized to drive on the city streets right now … He is mostly delivering food and things like that, emergency supplies.”

NYU Shanghai students spend $76,783 per year in tuition and other fees.

“I’m assuming that a great many people associated with NYU and in Shanghai are experiencing food shortages,” said one frustrated faculty member. “People in my building are without food. And I live in a very upscale neighborhood. The whole distribution of food has been shut down.”

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