Jew-bashing is okay on Soapbox Radio, but protesting it is NOT

It’s permissible not just to hate SOME peoples, but even to express that hatred openly. Blacks and Hispanics, of course not! Gay people, and/or trans people, no way! 

But it’s perfectly okay for those who’d bristle at such bigotry to sound off hatefully against, say, Russians—just as, throughout the “war on terror,” it was perfectly okay to bad-mouth Pashtuns, and, in some circles, Arab Muslims, too. 

And, on “the left,” it’s always perfectly okay to sound off hatefully against “the Jews”—especially if you obfuscate the issue, by referring to them not as “Zionists,” but as “the Khazarian mafia,” thereby recycling the gist of  the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. 

Thus all too many on “the left” have something in common with the Nazis in Ukraine, whom they adore (because those “leftists” also hate the Russians, too). 

I say all this as a committed anti-Zionist—or, to be more accurate, a principled anti-Zionist, believing, as I do, in the human rights  of Palestinians no less than Jews. 

(How many of those blathering about “the Khazarian mafia” have ever done a thing to help the Palestinians?)

From Janet Phelan:

Yesterday, I did an interview on Connecting the Dots with Dan Happel and another Trine Day author, Dr. Juliette Engel. In the first few minutes of the show, Happel and his cohort made some strong anti-Jewish statements and also brought up the false and discredited “Khazarian Mafia” theory. I was shocked.

After they finished, I made a brief and I hoped strong statement about my non endorsement of any form of hate speech. I mentioned that there is no genetic evidence for the “Khazarian Mafia” theory, which essentially states that all Ashkenazi Jews (of which I am one) descended from a Khazarian conversion in the eighth century and that this Khazarian Mafia is eating children and is intent on destroying the world. I also stated that it was this kind of hate speech which was also deployed against the Jews during Hitler’s reign of terror.

I checked the video today and found that all my protests had been deleted. I am simply appalled beyond words. I challenge Mr. Happel to explain to me why he censored my protest.

First amendment, anyone? Free speech? Conscience-driven journalism? This makes it appear that I had no problem with Mr. Happel´s and cohort’s disturbing attack.

Janet Phelan

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