How many Americans are actually boosted? (Not as many as you think)

“How many Americans are actually Boosted? Hint: it’s fewer than you think”by Maeve

Although many states report the CDC’s data to be wildly inaccurate and grossly overstated, their booster data is still pretty LOW:

–Only 65.6% of Americans are fully vaccinated, and, out of the fully vaccinated, 44.9% received a booster dose. 

–With a little extra math, this means only 29% of ALL Americans received their booster. 

This graphic from NPR, updated yesterday, also demonstrates the shocking data: only a few states are shaded dark purple, meaning only a few states have >50%, of the fully vaccinated, boosted. 

Additionally, the boosted elderly make up 34% of all the boosted. This means only 19% of people younger than 65 received a booster.

Now, who makes up this 19%… who was required to be boosted?

–Millions of students from 350 colleges 

Millions of health care workers in California and New Mexico

–The long-term care and state hospital employees in Connecticut

–Employees at private companies, such as Facebook and the NFL

Imagine if all these states, companies and colleges didn’t require a booster. How many fewer Americans would be boosted? How many people only got the booster out of obligation?

The low number that wanted the booster, and the large number that nobly refused, is why so many booster requirements had to be canceled: 

–NY Gov. Hochul scraped her booster mandate for health care workers, citing staffing shortages

–NJ delayed its booster mandate for health care workers and prison guards due to low booster rates

–San Jose delayed their booster mandate after city employees failed to comply

Yet, they’re not giving up: Last week, the Biden Administration announced another $10 Billion program to expand access and build confidence in vaccines, including $6 Billion to expand vaccine access in underserved communities and $3 Billion to strengthen vaccine confidence.

The good news: People are waking up. They didn’t just blindly follow the CDC’s advice of receiving a booster. And if people don’t have a third shot, they can’t require a fourth. 

My math, open to correction: 

65.6% of Americans are fully vaccinated (CDC data, under Fully Vaccinated)

44.9% of the fully vaccinated received a booster dose (CDC data, under Booster Doses)

29% of all Americans received their booster (65.6% of Americans fully vaccinated * 44.9% fully vaccinated who received a booster dose)

Elderly make up 34% of the boosted (Population ≥ 65 Years of Age who received a booster / Total population who received a booster = 32,843,537 / 97,674,972)

Boosted Elderly make up 10% of Americans (34% of the boosted are elderly * 29% of Americans boosted)

19% of people younger than 65 received a booster (29% of Americans are boosted – 10% of boosted elderly)

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