Honoring those who’ve “died suddenly” in Canada

Honoring Those Who Died Suddenly: A Conversation with Kathleen Brown

One Canadian citizen’s quest for justice.

by Tessa Lena

This story is an interview with Kathleen Brown, a retired dental hygienist in Nova Scotia, Canada. Kathleen is on a mission to look into the obituaries of the people who passed suddenly, unexpectedly, or after a brief illness in Nova Scotia—and to demand an investigation from authorities on why there is an increase of sudden deaths in people 65 and younger.

The philosophy

The reason I interviewed Kathleen is because I believe that it is important to honor the dead. And if some, or most of these people passed away because they had been lied to or mistreated, it is important to establish the truth and honor their sacrifice—perhaps an unwitting sacrifice but a sacrifice none the less.

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