UK Supreme Court denies Julian Assange’s appeal application

This is of a piece with all the other flagrant violations of free speech rights that have been multiplying—some might say “metastasizing”—for the last few years. Julian Assange was the canary in the coal mine, it’s now all too clear.

From: “The Assange Defense Committee” <>
Date: March 14, 2022 at 5:19:39 PM EDT
Subject:BREAKING: UK Supreme Court Denies Julian Assange’s Appeal Application

Dear Claudia, The UK Supreme Court today denied Julian Assange’s appeal application in his ongoing extradition case.

The UK’s top court refused to consider a lower court’s decision to rely on dubious “assurances” from the United States, ruling that the issue is not “an arguable point of law.”

Assange Defense has full coverage of the UK Supreme Court ruling and what’s next from Julian’s legal team.

Assange Defense’s Twitter coverage of the disappointing UK Supreme Court ruling. Click here for our press release on the ruling, including the full legal response from Julian’s UK legal team.

We know that the Biden administration’s “assurances” aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Remember, this is the same U.S. government that is shredding the First Amendment by trying to extradite him, spied on his lawyers and visitors, and even plotted to kidnap or assassinate him!

This is not the end. The fight will go on. Julian isn’t giving up, and neither should you.

Now more than ever, we need truth-tellers who can cut through the propaganda and disinformation that governments feed us. We need to protect press freedom and those who cut through the lies. And we need your help.

Join the Chorus: #FreeAssange

President Biden and Attorney General Garland can end this nightmare today by dropping the charges. But it’s up to us to keep up the pressure. You can join the chorus to #FreeAssange by signing our petition to Merrick Garland, visiting our site to find ways to get involved, or participating in an upcoming action.

The Assange Defense Committee


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