Russian filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov takes a close look at the Nazis’ dream for Russia, and what they’ve said, and done, to make it real

This powerful breakdown of the Ukraine crisis, by Russian filmmaker [Nikita] Mikhalkov, makes quite clear that the Nazi elements in Ukraine’s government want to exterminate the Russian people, and are indoctrinating Ukraine’s children to that end. The film is rich with videos of the perpetrators saying so, loud and clear, themselves.

Toward the end, Mikhalkov frames the conflict much as Alistair Crooke does in his recent interview with Tom Luongo, which I sent out the other day. As Russia sees it, the West’s provocations are the climax of an apocalyptic drive against that nation’s traditional morality, and consequent resistance to woke ideology. 

That could be true; and yet, at the same time, it also could be true that this whole nightmare is itself another globalist concoction, to distract us from the toll of those “vaccines,” and the elite’s plans for even tighter rule worldwide; and (as I’ve lately noted) the horror in Ukraine may also serve to set us up for the next pandemic, food shortages, still more sweeping censorship, and whatever else may serve the elite’s purposes.

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