Pushback on Putin and the globalists

I hope my friends here are right​, though I don’t think they are. (But, hey, what do I know?)

From Richard Gale:

Mark…. this is largely delusional.  the current Ukraine crisis is teaching us that the globalist agenda is by no means monolithic. Within the agenda are fragmented interests parceled together that give the illusion to the alt Right that it is a single entity. Hence their misinformed globalist conspiracy. The fact of the matter is that although they participate in the World Economic Forum, Putin, Modi, Xi, Erdogan and other heads of state outside the Western regime are nationalists. And right now as Putin pivots to eurasian unity — which he has calculated for many years and is clear from his addresses to the Russian people — we are witnessing a split from the Great Reset. Instead a new Cold War between a new rising economic bloc, Eurasia, that will be dominating world resources. Schwab is addicted to technological solutions. but you need resources for his technological utopia. And the Western leaders who drool over a Reset heaven don’t have those resources, which includes energy. 

From a friend in the UK:

Sorry, but I have to say this article is really the height of fanciful, suppositous nonsense. Lots of correlation and “ties to..” with zero depth of analysis, blogging logic.

“Putin is close friends with Henry Kissinger”… lol.

It failed to mention among other things, that the WEF removed Putin’s world leader page from their website, and Russia is the first country to be canceled’ by the Western elite nations. I guess that’s just cover for a secret NWO alliance between Putin and Klaus Schwab.

The author decries Q Anon, but on the meta, his convoluted musings aren’t much better.

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