Ketanji Brown Jackson refuses to define the word “woman” (because “I’m not a biologist”)

Think of all the words that she could not define, because she lacks the expertise. 

This is, to say the least, unpromising for women’s rights (except the right to an abortion). 

Ketanji Brown Jackson Refuses to Define Word ‘Woman’

By Zachary Stieber March 23, 2022 

President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee on March 22 refused to define what a woman is or say whether she agreed that punishments for possessing or distributing child pornography should be strengthened.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked during day 2 of her confirmation hearings whether she could provide a definition of the word “woman.”

“No, I can’t,” Jackson said.

“I’m not a biologist,” she added.

Jackson sits on the board of Georgetown Day School, where students as young as 5 are taught they can choose to be a different gender, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said.

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