“In the fight of her life” (and it’s a fight concerning all of us), Dr. Meryl Nass needs all our help!

From Kristina Borjesson:

Hi Mark, I’m sure you know that Dr. Meryl Nass is in the fight of her life, her medical license having been suspended by the state of Maine because of the “misinformation” or accurate research she’s been doing to expose the criminal aspects related to covid and the vaccines. She’s being represented by Bobby’s Children’s Health Defense Fund lawyers and her fight could create a “tip of the spear” situation that finally puts down the criminalization of putting out the truth on pressing public matters like covid, the vaccines and other issues, so please urge people to donate to the Defense Fund specifically for her case.

I just interviewed her about her situation so please distribute it widely with a support request. The link and blurb describing the show contents are below:


Maine physician Dr. Meryl Nass, who has been successfully treating covid patients with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and who exposed massive corruption in the suppression of chloroquine drugs for treating covid, talks about finding herself in the Orwellian position of having her medical license suspended by the Maine’s Board of Licensure in Medicine for “public dissemination of misinformation” regarding the covid pandemic and covid vaccines and being ordered to undergo a psychological examination to ensure she is fit to continue treating patients.  

Any help you can give would be deeply appreciated.


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