EU goes Soviet on RT, Sputnik

From Robin Monotti, Mike Yeadon and Cory Morningstar on Telegram:

❗️EU bans distribution of RT and Sputnik
The truth does not need censorship, because it provides arguments

After the content of the Russian-based channels RT and Sputnik was banned in Europe, even more so completely undemocratically bypassing the EU Parliament, various platforms have deleted the channels of the outlets.

We do not take a judgmental position on the content and opinions represented in the RT and Sputnik media, but we categorically reject censorship. This has no place in a free and democratic society, which is increasingly slipping away from us anyway.

We are particularly dismayed that ➥ GETTR also immediately censored RT’s channels, since we had briefly and mistakenly seen in GETTR a forward-looking, censorship-free alternative to Twitter and streaming service providers.

Such laws require resistance.

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