“Biofascism: The Tech-Pharma Complex and the End of Democracy,” a NEW BOOK by Tim Coles

Dear All, 

Please consider buying a copy of my new book, Biofascism: The Tech-Pharma Complex and the End of Democracy. From the blurb: 

We are in a new world. No longer is technofascist social control concerned solely with behaviour modification: it has become biofascist. In concert with big tech, it seeks to manipulate the very biology of the individual for profit. Aligned with transhumanists who aim to connect the “internet of things” with the “internet of bodies”, the system is Orwellian in its scope and character: from rewriting dictionary definitions to whipping up hate against non-conformists. I call this system the “tech-pharma complex” (TPC): the next generation of the WWII-era military-industrial complex that brought us today’s computing infrastructure and the post-9/11 intelligence-industrial complex that brought us big data.  

The book unmasks the TPC’s true owners: BlackRock, Vanguard, and other asset management giants. The TPC has used today’s pandemic to seize control of national health agendas, demonising alternatives and promoting its favoured products. Millions of working-class people are coerced into being injected under threat of losing their livelihoods. As Austria imposes forced injection and France’s President says he wants to “p*ss off” the resistance by creating a health apartheid, whistleblowers reveal lax clinical trial safety, corporate media award the heads of big pharma while pushing their products, and new generations of military-developed biomonitoring form the next chapter of surveillance capitalism.


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