A big win in New Zealand!

With a pivotal victory in the High Court of New Zealand today, this may go down in history as the day the tables began to turn against vaccine mandates. 

In fact, the implications of this victory could be enormous in the weeks and months to come. 

Quick Recap.

Back in September of 2021 we put a call out to the VFF community for support to help defend members of the NZDF against the “no jab no job” mandates in Court.

…and in just 24 hours, without hesitation, many hundreds of you stepped forward with financial help to make it happen. Your response was humbling and displayed a true measure of the Kiwi spirit. 

Now, 6 months on..

We Have Been Vindicated..

After being unsuccessful at the first hearing, the NZDF members then regrouped and joined forces with members of the NZ Police to return to the High-Court and challenge the mandates again with a substantive hearing.. 

And this time they were successful – You can read the full judgment here.

In Summary..

The High-Court Judge ruled that for Members of the NZDF and NZP. Vaccine Mandates are “Unlawful”.

Members have a right to refuse the Vaccine on religious grounds.

And, Members have right to refuse medical treatment. Period! Image item  How Significant Is This?

While the High-Court ruling was only made for the NZDF and NZP which have their own sets of employment rules, it should be noted that significant learning has been made in the process of this case that will be advantageous for fighting future cases. 

Plus, it also places a stake in the ground for others to point to and say “if it’s ok for them, why not me?”. And this is tremendously significant, in the battle fo the hearts and minds of our fellow Kiwi’s.

What Next? First, we want to say thank you to everyone who has acted in support of VFF and the NZDF in this case. Revival won’t come overnight, but it is coming, and this has helped a great deal.

 Take a moment to recognise that everything we are all doing matters and is making a difference. The NZDF and NZP fight was your fight, and so their victory is your victory too. This is a time to feel good and be encouraged to push on.

 Double down. With the pressure now coming down on the government on all fronts the cracks are showing. Which is a reminder not to get complacent, but to push harder to seize victory. The High Court ruling is a pivotal win, but we cannot rest until the mandates are gone and the Covid Response Health Act has been revoked. And there is still much work to do.

What Next..?If you are still willing and able to support the work we’re doing, the communities we are growing, and the strategic actions we are taking, then now is the perfect time to:

Get connected in a local group
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