Thousands occupying streets outside Australia’s Parliament

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Anti-vaccine Mandate Protesters Occupy Streets Outside Australia Parliament

Australian police have given protesters a day to leave the capital Canberra.

By TRT World
Asia-Pacific Research, February 15, 2022
TRT World 13 February 2022
Region: Oceania
Theme: JusticeSociety

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Thousands of people have occupied streets outside the Australian parliament in the capital Canberra as days-long rallies continue against Covid-19 vaccine mandates. 

Australian police have protesters until the end of Sunday to leave occupied areas.

Several thousand protesters remained in place at Canberra’s major showgrounds, while fewer than 100 demonstrators were gathered near the federal parliament building, an Australian Capital Territory (ACT) police spokesperson told Reuters.

No protesters in Canberra had been arrested so far on Sunday after three were detained on Saturday.

“They must be out by today,” the police spokesperson said, declining to say what action authorities would take if protesters refused to comply with demands to leave.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand’s Wellington, demonstrators protesting Covid-19 mandates gathered for a sixth day, despite heavy rain and strong winds lashing the city.

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