“The Internet of Underwater Things” is yet another globalist attack on Planet Earth, and all that lives on it (including us)

The vast pollution of our oceans with discarded masks was just the start of something bigger and worse yet, by far.

New Threat to Life: The Internet of Underwater Things

Analysis by Tessa Lena

The Internet of Underwater Things is an invasive and dangerous initiative that has been quietly unfolding for a number of years

Development of “smart oceans” is a part of the overall agenda of financialization of nature

The initiative requires introduction of a wide range of invasive technologies into the ocean on a massive scale (including potentially 6G)

The Internet of Underwater Things involves device communication using acoustic waves, which can drastically interfere with marine life as inhabitants of the ocean rely on acoustic signals for basic everyday functions

Among the interested parties are World Economic Forum and DARPA

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