In New York, Governor Gulag’s illegal regulations have moved forward

From John Gilmore:

NY: Governor Gulag’s illegal regulations move forward

Yesterday the New York Public Health and Public Health Planning Council rubber-stamped three regulations that will wildly increase the power of un-elected Governor Kathy Hochul and her successors.
Approval by the Council was a foregone conclusion. All the members are appointed by the Governor, serve at the pleasure of the Governor,  and answer to the Governor. Proposed regulations are always approved by the Council.
But New York law and the New York State Constitution are clear. The Governor may not give herself whole new powers. That is what dictators do.
The first and worst regulation will create new quarantine rules that are so broadly defined that anybody whom health authorities have “determined as possibly having a particular disease or condition” could be detained and held “for such time as will prevent or limit the transmission of the reportable disease or organism to non-isolated individuals, in the clinical judgment of the State Commissioner of Health.”

Anybody could be detained under these rules. People who have not got the Covid injection are already considered as “possibly” infected with Covid. That’s why there are vaccine passports, and thousands of people have lost their jobs for refusing to put into their bodies a poorly tested product that is temporarily effective (at best) with an enormously high rate or injury, rates so high that the federal government refuses to release the data that would show if the death and injury rate for the injection is greater than from Covid.
The new regulation could be used to detain un-vaccinated people for an indefinite period of time until they get the shot. But even vaccination is no guarantee that this regulation will not be used against you. Since we know that people who got the Covid injection are just as likely to carry Covid as those who are un-jabbed. This is a pure power play.

All of this will be enforced by the New York State Department of Health. The same people who thought it was a good idea to put people with active cases of covid into nursing homes. This regulation dismisses our right to due process. The Department of Health is police, grand jury, judge, prosecutor and jailer rolled into one self-serving mass of bureaucratic ineptitude and malice.

Hochul is also giving herself the power to impose mask mandates on anybody, for any reason, anytime she wants. And she does this at the same time that the few remaining states that have mask mandates are rolling them back.  California, Oregon, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Illinois, Massachusetts, as well as New York, have all declared deadlines for ending the masks or substantial reductions in circumstances where people must wear them.
The Democratic governors of those states claim the “science” has changed. The science is the same, what has changed is the political situation. Support for President Biden and Democrats in general is collapsing according to the polls. Pundits on all sides are predicting a Democratic bloodbath  in November. 

The “science” has never supported masks as an effective control for spreading Covid. In a rare display of candor Leana Wen, MD, CNN’s resident cheerleader for the Fauci program, admitted that most masks are nothing more than “facial decorations.” But far more than that, masks are a public display of obedience to the political, mot medical, dictates of the regime. 

The last third and last regulation extends mask mandates for new categories of health-related workers who somehow escaped earlier dragnets bit will now pay with their jobs. Joining the 4000 employees New York City will be firing today for refusing the jab.

The advent of omicron makes it obvious, even to the most unthinking, ill-informed follower of the official program, that the shots do not prevent transmission or infection. Just like masks. And with that the uptake of Covid shots has collapsed, for the initial two and the booster.

Since the only rational explanation for the response to the Covid event is that it was intended to maximize sales of shots and allow enormous expansions of power for governments, Hochul and the dwindling number of Governors clinging to the collapsing narrative need to come up with new ways of compelling compliance.  

The last market left that offers the opportunity for real growth is children. Hochul has already said that she will use increasing rates of vaccination among children as a test for lifting mask mandates in school.  We will see how long she sticks to that idea.

No doubt Hochul and other Democrats are looking at the polls, and they are looking north at the uprising that is going on in Canada. The truckers have already brought down the head of the Conservative party. Premiers of several provinces are rolling back draconian regulations. Support for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is falling.  They know full well that there is no reason why that can’t happen here. Convoys from California to Washington are already planned.
Skulking through the dark with these new regulations is anything but a show of power by Hochul. If she had support and power she would have had a law passed to give her this authority. But she could not do that. Assembly bill A416, the Public Health Gulag bill, failed miserably, with no cosponsors in the Assembly and not even a companion bill in the Senate. So she created a regulation, a process that allows for no participation by anyone not answering to Hochul. These are not the signs of a strong, secure leader. 

Lawyers say that there is nothing that can be done preemptively to stop these regulations. But if Hochul ever uses them there will be immediate cause for action. Our legislators have distinguished themselves by remaining as invisible as possible since the beginning of the Covid event, and avoiding any action that could hold themselves responsible for anything. A more feckless group is hard to imagine. But Hochul and many of them will be up for primary elections this June. All of them will be looking for your vote in November. We will not forget what they have done.

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