Canada’s Governor General OVERWHELMED by calls to oust Trudeau

This is a revolution; and it will spread elsewhere.

Governor General Overwhelmed By Demand To Remove Trudeau From Office

Receiving an average of 25-50 calls per day, Mary Simon’s office received 4600 calls on the Thursday after the Truckers Protest.

by Brad Salzberg

In the wake of the recent Truckers Convoy, Canadians have been peppering Governor General Mary Simon’s office with calls to dissolve our federal government, and to remove Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from office.

As reported in the National Post, “Rideau Hall’s call centre normally receives between 25 to 50 calls a day. Since the truckers convoy began the number has exploded, with more than 1,500 on Wednesday and over 4,600 at one point in the afternoon on Thursday.”

It’s an unprecedented development in what has become an unprecedented society. The vehemence by which a segment of our population want Justin Trudeau gone has fired-up to white hot levels. The situation belies a deep-rooted fragmentation in society.

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