Bad news for Trudeau: Doug Ford backs off

From Tom Woods:

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Nobody expected it, but all eyes are on Canada now.

By now you probably know my feelings about politicians, and why I am so little inclined to cheer for any of them. What I report today is more for the purpose of demonstrating which way things seem to be trending.

And so:

Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, just told the press the following:

“You can go to Costco, you can go to Walmart, you can go shopping, you don’t know if the person has a shot beside you or not, but we also know that it doesn’t matter if you have one shot or ten shots, you can catch COVID.

“See, the Prime Minister, he has triple shots, and I know hundreds of people with three shots that caught COVID.

“We just have to be careful, got to always make sure we wash our hands, and move forward. We can’t stay in this position forever. We’ve got to learn to live with this and get on with our lives.

“I bet if I asked every single person in this room, do you want these damn masks or do you want them off, they want them off! They want to get back to normal. They want to be able to go for dinner with their families.

“And there’s every single person, including myself, knows people who are unvaccinated. Sure, there are rabble rousers, and then there’s just hardworking people who just don’t believe in it. And that’s their choice.

“This is about, again, a democracy and freedoms and liberties. And I hate as a government telling anyone what to do.

“We’ve just got to get moving forward and get out of this and protect the jobs.

“I think a lot of people, probably yourself, too, everyone’s done with this. Like, we are done with it. Let’s start moving on, and cautiously. We’ve followed the rules, 90 percent of us, for over two years. The world’s done with it.”

I know some of you are living in countries where this kind of hope cannot be found. Even if we should get “back to normal” over here in North America, there will still be a great deal left to do — not only in helping the remaining places escape the COVID prison, but also in getting our own societies in order. We have a massive number of people who have been completely broken by this experience, and who are now incapable of assessing risk or evaluating situations rationally.

But some places may indeed be reaching an end point.

I hesitate to say that, since there have been numerous times in the past when I’ve thought: surely now it has to come crumbling down.

But this time, maybe it really is.

Still, there is so much to rebuild. And I am happy that throughout all this I have managed to attract an uncensored community of dissidents, known as the Tom Woods Show Elite, who are prepared for an uncertain future, who know the “experts” are a joke, and who understand that nobody is coming to save us.

See you inside:

Tom Woods

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