ALERT! Canadian police are getting ready to attack the truckers, so we must PROTEST at all Canadian consulates!

This video ends with footage of cops brutalizing peaceful protesters in New Zealand yesterday—one sign of an impending crackdown all throughout the Commonwealth nations, and beyond:

See what the Canadian cops are already doing to people just for signaling support of the Freedom Convoy: a 78-year-old great-grandfather—at 4’10”, no threat to anyone—savaged by police for honking his car horn to applaud the truckers:

EXCLUSIVE: Unsettling photos show heavily bruised great-grandfather, 78, after being forcefully handcuffed by Ottawa cops for honking his car horn to support Freedom Convoy as family says he is suffering from PTSD

  • Gerry Charlebois, 78, was arrested Sunday in Ottawa for honking his car horn in support of the Freedom Convoy
  • His family shared photos of his injuries with, revealing dark purple bruises on his hands and along his arms and knees 
  • Charlebois now suffers from PTSD after the arrest on Sunday, his son tells 
  • The great-grandfather, who stands at 4ft 10in, was fined $118 for ‘unnecessary noise’ but has not been criminally charged 
  • Charlebois’ attorney David Anber tells, ‘He’s pretty traumatized by the entire situation. We are going to fight these provincial charges’
  • The lawyer says they will  explore the possibility of filing a civil suit

We must do all we can to put a stop to this brutality, or try as hard as possible; so please bombard those consulates with protests, and share that first link far and wide. 

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