Will her fans still love Betty White, now that they know she was an “anti-vaxxer”?

Having shared that photo “quoting” her endorsement of the booster, I am obliged to share this news that, according to her agent, that photo is a fake, and Betty White did NOT get that third jab.

Do I have that right? Is that what he says? Or is he saying that the booster, though she DID have it, didn’t kill her?

Which is it? This matters, since, if she did NOT get the booster, the “vaccinated” (that is, those who still believe in “vaccination”) have a right to know that Betty White was selfish, reckless, and probably a secret white supremacist.

And if she DID get that third jab, maybe EVERYONE will want to know….

Betty White’s Cause of Death Revealed, Agent Shuts Down Booster Shot Rumors

By Isabel van Brugen

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