What Gov. Youngkin just did for Virginia

Will Charlottesville secede?

Virginia Governor Youngkin Signs 11 Executive Actions on His First Day in Office
(on Telegram)

Glenn Youngkin, Virginia’s first Republican Governor in more than a decade, wasted no time addressing his campaign pledges, signing nine executive orders and two executive directives. Within hours of being sworn in, Youngkin:

1. Banned the use of CRT and other inherently divisive concepts in schools;
– Executive Order 1

2. Ended school mask mandates;
– Executive Order 2

3. Terminated the entire Parole Board of the Commonwealth of Virginia (all were Democratic appointees);
– Executive Order 3

4. Initiated an investigation into Loudoun County schools sexual assault coverups;
Executive Order 4

5. Established the position of Chief Transformation Officer to review all government agencies, beginning with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Virginia Employment Commission;
– Executive Order 5

6. Declared Virginia open for business and initiated a review of burdensome Covid regulations;
Executive Order 6

7. Established a commission prevent human trafficking and provide support to survivors;
– Executive Order 7

8. Established a commission to combat antisemitism;
– Executive Order 8

9. Withdrew from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI);
– Executive Order 9

10. Directed all Executive Branch entities to reduce job-killing regulations by at least 25 percent;
– Executive Directive 1

11. Rescinded the vaccine mandate for all state employees.
– Executive Directive 2

Meanwhile, Attorney General Jason Miyares, who was also just sworn in, has terminated 30 staff members and
2 of the 12* attorneys from the Civil Rights Division of the AG’s Office (alleged Soros backed lawyers).

“The MSM are calling it ‘insane’ and ‘mean,’” writes @Maximus_4EVR adding:

“AG Miyares also warned all county prosecutors he will be pursuing charges for crimes they refuse to [prosecute] themselves. This is a warning to local VA DAs not to do what NY’s DA is doing.

Shades of a post ‘Election 2022’ world?”

Sources📰 Free Beacon, WJLA News, TGP, Ben Braddock, @Maximus_4EVR, Victoria LaCivita Miyares Comms Director, TGP, VA MAGA
*Updated on 12/16/22 to reflect Victoria LaCivita’s correction
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