Two unhinged COVIDian professors represent the norm in academia (or, at any rate, will strike most of their peers as quite sane)

Jonathan Turley argues (facetiously?) that the second of these two examples (scroll down) wasn’t serious, but only feigning foul-mouthed lunacy to get himself put on paid leave.

I hope that’s true, but I doubt it. If anyone has evidence to bolster it, please share. 

Student Resists, Refuses To Wear Suffocation Mask

By Tom Woods

January 15, 2022

From the Tom Woods Letter:

There’s a push to get us all wearing what I call suffocation masks.

Naturally, I’m not doing it.

They tried this in Germany, and it didn’t do any good.

Even if these masks conferred a very marginal benefit, it is not unreasonable to prefer the clarity of communication that comes from unobstructed speech and visible facial expressions, or to find it dehumanizing to be confronted all day by masked faces. Children still learning how to communicate should not have their faces covered, and infants learning language and facial cues should not have to contend with a world in which they rarely see a human face.

I mention this because a parent sent me the following story from the University of Georgia.

He begins:

Just some background. UGA is part of the University System of Georgia (USG), the state run public higher education system, so whatever policy the USG sets, all schools in that system must abide by. Last year they set policy that while schools could “strongly” encourage vaccination, masks, distancing, etc, they could not enforce it on any of the students or faculty. They could not unilaterally “go virtual.” As you can imagine, this enraged the more left leaning professors who feel they were literally putting their lives on the line to teach these students (UGA was home of the “die in” last where these sorts lay down all over the main campus to illustrate “what would happen” if “sensible” mandates weren’t put in place).

This parent’s story involves his son and a particular professor:

Click for the rest.

“Stay the f**k Away from me”: Professor placed on leave after calling students “vectors of disease” and promising random grading.
by Jonathan Turley
January 15, 2021

Professor Barry Mehler at Ferris State University in Michigan clearly does not want to return to in-person classes. Appearing in a video with a space helmet, Mehler went full Howard Beale in a video in which he called his students “vectors of disease” and tells them to “stay the f**k away from me.” While many have declared Mehler completely insane, his video may be as clever as a covid-phobic fox. Let me explain.

Mehler teaches the history of science and is the founder and director of the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism.

Click on the link for the rest.

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